Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doug Arnold on the Way Out?

A very interesting guest editorial:
In response to your blog from Thursday, June 5th, titled "How Far Will Keller Go", I think there is a better question to be asked. You wondered if Keller spent all that money (obviously MILLIONS) on superior services, would they have to worry about going under. The patient experience at HKH is exceptional overall (and the surveys conducted bear that out), which is a testament to their employees.

The real question should be, in light of the quality of work done at HKH, why hasn't the administration invested some of those millions back into their people??? Staff at HKH haven't had raises in over SIX YEARS! If they have millions to pay for attorneys to fight legal battles they continue to lose, how can they, with a straight face, look at employees and say there is no money for them???

One would hope that with CEO Doug Arnold on his way out the door, that their would be an opportunity for things to get better. Guess we will see.....


We especially welcome comments from Helen Keller employees.


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