Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heroin Addiction from One Who's Been There

Some interesting words about heroin from one who knows:
If you want to genuinely help people now would be the time...Heroin is in Florence full swing. I use to know everyone in the quad cities who had a heroin connection...Now there are wayyyy more people than I know. Just in one day last week I discovered 7 people who are hardcore addicted to H, and I am completely out of the drug scene now. Please if you do not mind let people know about STC (Shoals Treatment Center), it is a Methadone clinic in Sheffield. It can totally change someones life, and the people there are good people. I know it is hard to reach people, but if you ever come into contact with someone who legitimately is seeking help from heroin, I do not mind helping them. It ruined my life. Never did I think I would have a normal life again, and many people think this way. Sorry if this seems demanding or jumbled. I am just pretty upset at what is happening. Thanks a lot.

What is your opinion on this? Florence PD did there new "big time" heroin bust recently...Well if a person who has recently gotten in trouble with Lauderdale County seeks a Dr's treatment for opiate addiction and get prescribed Buprenorphine or Dolophine (methadone) then they will go to jail if they fail a drug test. Even if a Dr is precribing the medication. Shouldn't the Doctor, who earned a medical degree, be the one who decided what medication the person needs? I personally witnessed someone get screwed by this system. Someone who REALLY wanted help. The only help the DA gave them was forcing them to pay in more money to the city. The people who are truly are rock bottom usually have nothing left. Our city truly needs a revamping. There is a real problem in Florence, but when there is no help out there and only punishment it makes it so much harder. I really want to help people...And if you have someone with a heroin problem or such and they want a better life - please send them my way...Im sure I dont need to give you my opinion on this subject THANKS!


We wish we had answers. All the best to our friend who wrote the above commentary. (For everyone who fails like John Wesley Akin, there is one who succeeds as our friend has!)