Friday, June 27, 2014

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Changing Face of Brady Irons' Mug Shots

If anyone doubted heroin was making a comeback in this area, the recent arrests in Florence should confirm how prevalent it is. What was missing from these arrest reports?

Anyone charged with trafficking automatically forfeits his/her vehicle...right? That would now make two lost cars for John Wesley Akin.

And just how many of those arrested will be charged in the four local deaths? All of them?

We understand that Akin's squeeze Brady Ann Irons was a server at Rosie's. Apparently, this was her fourth drug arrest. We have to wonder if she thinks it was worth it.

And John Wesley Akin? He certainly needs help, but if he's convicted on all the charges currently facing him, he won't have to worry about succumbing to temptation for decades.

One of his high school teachers has stated Akin was a straight "A" student and God's gift, so to speak. Well, so much for that...


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