Sunday, June 22, 2014

Franklin Killer Still Free

While the family of Shay Ledlow is hoping August will bring them some closure, another Franklin County family is still waiting for theirs. Hershel Graham still walks the streets of Red Bay a free man while waiting for the results of his second appeal in a manslaughter conviction from 2013. A neighbor has even seen the poor disabled wrestler operating a fork lift. Wow, miracles do happen; unfortunately nothing will bring back Graham's victim David Andrasik.


Question, gentle readers: If you're running for office, would you want your ex-wife to count the county's absentee ballots? Interesting question on so many levels.


Can you identify this man or tell us what religious group he belongs to?

There's no prize, but the answer is fascinating.


1 comment:

  1. Oh My - Why would anyone let a relative, ex relative or friend count election ballots? Where did this happen??? The election manager needs to be made aware of this. Sounds very inappropriate.