Sunday, June 29, 2014

25K a Month for Muscle Shoals Turtle Habitat

The smallest monthly loss we've seen quoted is 25K a month. That would be 300K a year in losses for the city of Muscle Shoals. For quality of life? Just how many in Muscle Shoals play Cypress Lakes?


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  1. Cypress Lakes is one of the best public golf courses anywhere, and the number of people who play there is probably a lo higher than you think. Managing a golf course is a tough business. Doesn't the city of Florence own the Blackberry Trail? Think it's a money maker? Give it time, Cypress Lakes is a valuable asset to Muscle Shoals, something the city should and probably is proud of having. It would be a shame to lose. Being a former resident, I probably play Cypress more than RTJ, and I love the entire RTJ trail. It would be a shame to lose Cypress.