Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Far Will Keller Go?/Randal Haddock

RegionalCare has won the current appeals battle with Helen Keller Hospital and is now presumably free to begin preparations for the new hospital in earnest. Not so quick, says Keller CEO Doug Arnold, rumored a distant cousin to a certain American army general widely celebrated…in Canada.

Yes, it seems Keller has at least one more appeal left. Will the Huntsville Hospital backed entity avail itself of that chance? We hope not, but we’re sure RegionalCare is prepared for that eventuality.

This whole brouhaha has gone on longer than a fight over an abortion clinic. Perhaps if Keller had put up as much money to offer superior services to patients as it has to block a new hospital on the north side of the river, it wouldn’t have to worry about going under?


Blind Man on the Corner
We’re proud to announce our support of Randal Haddock in the July Lauderdale County runoff election. Haddock, a sheriff’s deputy, will be facing the current police chief of Lexington, Augie Hendershot.

Due to most 2014 elections being decided without the need for a runoff, a light voter turnout is predicted. We hope each registered Democrat in Lauderdale County will see this for what it is…a chance to change our ill run and justly maligned sheriff’s department into something we can be proud of.

As our regular readers know, we have several contacts in the sheriff’s office and the detention center. No matter who wins the Democratic runoff, no matter who wins the fall election, we’ll continue to update citizens of Lauderdale County on its sheriff’s department.



  1. Randall Haddock is the only choice on the Democratic ticket ! What a shock to find Hendershott even in the running.Charisma can only get you so far Augie. Whatever would make the voting public think this man from a one horse town could supervise 20+ deputies and protect and serve 600+ sq. miles ? He doesn't even patrol and answer calls a block from his station half the time. We've had enough slacking and dim witted sit on your butt do nothing from the current admin. Wake up people!

  2. Randall Haddock is the only choice for Sheriff on the democratic ticket! Hendershot really people. Whatever made voters think that someone from a 1 horse town who supervises 1 maybe 2 officers would be qualified to supervise 20+ deputies and serve the citizens of 600+ sq. miles? We have had enough dim witted for the last 8 yrs. Wake up people!