Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Leighton School Library Needs Help/What is "Hottie Scottie" Award?

We recently linked an article on an alleged assault at Leighton Elementary School. There has been very little information made available, but we do understand that no children were present or hurt in the altercation. One person connected with Colbert County Schools has contacted us and pooh-poohed the idea of this event.

We do know that the system has remained mum. Neither the Quad-Cities Daily nor Pen-N-Sword wants to publish any rumors. They, and we, want to publish what needs to be published...and once this incident is confirmed, it does need to be published.

Until that time, we are taking our reader's second comment very seriously. The Leighton Elementary School library is in dire need...of apparently everything. We know that the less tax collected in a district, the less money the school receives. This also filters down to the parents who contribute. In other words, schools in Mountain Brook receive more parental financial help than schools in Butler County. Sad, but a fact.

We're going to guess that plain cash is best to send to this library. If you're hesitant to give money to a librarian you don't know, we suggest this list:

Cellophane Tape
Colorful Pushpins
Library Paste/Water Based Glue
Paper Cutter
Dry Erase Materials
Pencils/Gel Pens
Facial Tissue

Here's the physical address for the school:

Leighton Elementary School
8100 Old Highway 20
Leighton, AL 35646
Attn: Mary Underwood


Yesterday, we also linked an article on a new arrest for John Wesley Akin and prefaced the link by giving him our "Hottie Scottie" award. One reader on FB asked what the award was. For any others who are not familiar with Lauderdale's would be lowdown kidnapper:


We also received a comment from a Major Akins on our link to a John Wesley Akin story:  You expect ethical journalism from Shoalanda speaks? It's a glorified gossip column that allow a certain few to express a few opinions.

First, we make no claim to be journalists since the point of our blog is to offer opinions. Second, we didn't write the story we linked, but we're sure the original publication would appreciate any corrections. Third, we censor no comments unless they contain profanity, libelous statements, or advocate violence. Apology?


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