Monday, June 23, 2014

Muscle Shoals and Statistics

Many of us took statistics in college--probably because we had to in order to get a certain degree. Alas, we've lost most of our ability to use the formulae we learned, but it might be good if someone out there with more mathematical acumen than us did some testing on the ratio of complaints in various cities to their population or number of projects in the works.

We by and far get more complaints about Muscle Shoals than any other Shoals area town. Someone asked if we "hated" Muscle Shoals. No, we don't live there and we don't hate it. We are looking for a citizen of Muscle Shoals to join our blogging team. Currently, only one of our four bloggers lives in Colbert County. We have two or three in mind, so if you want to join us, please let us know.

Now, for your daily humor:


The above cartoon was unsigned; we assume the artist did NOT want credit for it. Just to remind some folks out there, if you copy and paste the work of someone else without giving credit, it's stealing. We see a lot of that in certain circles. It's also stealing if one posts an entire article even with the source listed. Why? Readers then don't visit the site of the article's author, and he or she thereby loses money. We realize there are a few out there so dishonest they don't care...


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  1. I moved back to Tuscumbia around 16 yrs ago. While living in MSC a group of us complained about Mayor Charles Mitlchell, Charlie when he was running paying city workers overtime to clean up leaves on a friend of his property. We were called miserable malcontents. We called ourselves the M&M's after that.