Monday, June 16, 2014

A Must Read for Colbert County Parents

The following is a guest editorial from a concerned Colbert County citizen. If you live in Colbert County, please don't fail to read this!

Colbert County School System Employees Concerned About Superintendent’s Leadership

Colbert County School System employees are concerned about Mr. Olivis' leadership as demonstrated by his latest transfer. A Leighton Elementary School employee (let's call this person "Doe") was recently transferred to the Maintenance Department, even though there is already a permanent employee assigned to do the Maintenance Department job. In a misuse of taxpayer money, Olivis then hired a substitute to replace Doe at LES.

On the surface this looks minor, but what took place to prompt this move? Sources say Olivis failed to deal with a serious incident that took place at LES involving Doe. Instead of dealing appropriately with Doe as was necessary, a transfer was made. An investigation should be initiated into the event that resulted in this reassignment.

Where Olivis is concerned, transfers seem to be the method of choice for dealing with both real and personal issues.In the case of the Doe transfer, there was allegedly a serious act committed for which a serious consequence was required. Instead, a reassignment took place.

But in the case of Mr. Montgomery, the harassed principal at Colbert Heights Elementary, no fault was found as evidenced by the Board having renewed his contract. However, Montgomery's name and reputation have been irrevocably damaged, he's been publically humiliated, and Olivis is still attempting to punish him with a transfer. 

Employee moral in the Colbert County School System is at an all-time low. The system was a good place to work – now fear of and intimidation from its leadership are felt countywide. There is no sense of direction, communication is absent, and system finances (not including lawsuits sure to be filed) are in danger of State takeover.

The resignation of the system's two leaders, Mr. Olivis and Mr. Cornelius, is necessary if the school system is to survive. Where are you, Billy Hudson, Andy Bolding, and Sandy James?  We need you!


This is compelling. Mr. Olivis doesn't have to answer to us; he does have to answer to you, the parents!


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  1. You don't want Billy Hudson back... We need someone new and fresh that will not sweep things under the rug and be open about problems so they are handled ... That is why I'm moving my child out of this school system along with a lot of other parents.. I tried to get my son more help in school as well and all I was told was to put him on meds .