Monday, June 2, 2014

What Will Montgomery & Burbank Do Now?

It’s official that Colbert County Supt. Anthony Olivis wants to transfer Bob Montgomery to the alternative school. The salary may be the same, but obviously the working conditions bear no similarities. Montgomery has refused the position.

Will it go to the courts? If so, it’s the citizens (read: taxpayers) who will bear the burden of this fight. If Olivis and the school system lose, they will in all probability bear Montgomery’s legal expenses as well, assuming they’re not covered by AEA.

Money will not be the only concern, should it go to court. Both Colbert Heights Elementary School and the alternative school will be in limbo until these positions are decided. That’s not even considering the possibility that Jeff Burbank may decide to engage in a legal fight against his demotion.

We’ve seen some comments that the three administrators Olivis has challenged were not doing their job. What if that should be correct? While we don’t believe it is, in that case the former superintendent had been tolerating three principals who were not doing their job.

We welcome comments on this, as well as any of our blogs.

We’ve heard it said a promotion isn’t really a promotion unless a raise is involved. Nevertheless, titles are nice, they bring respect and they look good on resume’s so that the employee who didn’t get an actual raise can look for a better job.

How about a demotion? Is is really a demotion for Jeff Burbank if he makes the same salary? We say it is. If you’re at a social gathering and are introduced to a classroom teacher and a principal, which one do you think has more “on the ball?”

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  1. Mr. Olivis is incompetent, at best, and is costing the taxpayers money and the students and parents, their right to a proper education.