Friday, June 13, 2014

Seafood Pizza? A Guest Blog...

Seafood Pizza at Pizza Hut, Muscle Shoals anyone?

They might as well, since it is common to see this scene, just one of the flooding problems encountered in the fair City of Muscle Shoals this week. As I recall, there is a ½ cent tax imposed on all sales in the city that is “earmarked” solely for flood control. The question could be asked of the Mayor and Council what is being done with this “earmarked tax money”. Apparently, it’s not being used for its intended purpose.

City employees say the funds are diverted and spent for everything but flood control. Question, “Is that legal”? Not saying that it is or is not, just posing a question that should be answered by the Mayor and Council. Is this “earmarked” tax money possibly being used on their folly on Sixth Street known as Cypress Lakes Golf Course? We all know it loses tens of thousands of our money every month.

Or, Is this “earmarked” tax money possibly being sent to MSCS to fund the 7-8 million dollar football dynasty? This tax was imposed for the resolution of flood control and for that purpose only. One would think that use of an “earmarked” tax for projects other that the intended use could be considered illegal, but if not illegal, certainly unethical. Of course everyone knows this Mayor and Council could not care any less about what is right and ethical, they base all their decisions solely on what is popular among certain groups. Would the Mayor and Council please respond publicly to this question.


If any in Muscle Shoals government wish to respond to our guest blogger, they may do so here or request the answer be sent to him privately.



  1. The city was begged by Sheffield and Tuscumbia not to incorporate and build without storm and sewer provisions.

  2. I think I would rather my tax dollars GO towards the other two things mentioned... instead of a pizza hut location.