Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Truth About Cypress Lakes Country Club

This is a guest blog. We here agree wholeheartedly. Enjoy!

It's time the Mayor and City Council tell the whole truth to the public about the golf course and it's problems. The drain on the taxpayers is an average of $25,000,00 - $30,000.00 per month - NOT year - MONTH. The mayor and council will argue it is offering a quality of life - but for what percentage of the citizens of M.S. does this represent when there is a first class golf course in the Shoals known as the Robert Trent Jones Trail? The on-going saga associated with the golf course seems to be the management. It appears the city councilmen want to individually dish out orders to the recreation director even though department heads work under the direction of the mayor. The council work session and meetings have become the great inquisition, rivaled by nothing short of the Chinese Torture. As department heads are brought before the "council" to answer to each of their inquisitions, it appears there are 6 bosses and everyone has a different order to dish out to those poor managers. Everyone knows a department head has no authority to spend money without the mayor and city council approval - or in this case - by their ORDERS. While each councilman is pointing a finger at the department head for the money woes, there are 4 fingers pointing back at each of them. Get it, Mr. Councilman? 
Where is the money coming from to cover those losses? It could be assumed that funds are diverted from flood control, since M.S. continues to have flooding on a regular basis, it's obvious they aren't spending the money on that. Maybe those giant turtle ponds on the golf course are classified as storm drainage retention ponds. Mayor Bradford might be providing a habitat for all the turtles to ease his conscious for killing some of their own many years ago (or maybe not, since he, as a young policeman missed on one shot and the police car took the hit). Does Greg Scoggins know about that one?
So, Monday night, the dog and pony show will re-convene with more brilliant ideas on management of the golf course. I hear that the current department head will not be over-seeing the golf course any longer, and yet another one to be assigned the duty to "save" the day. Do they really think that will solve anything? The problem isn't the manager, perhaps it is the 6 men sitting in judgement.
This guest editorial was accompanied by a short note mentioning that Mayor Bradford and the council have stated they don't ever read any of our efforts. Well...we're crushed. 

If there should be any of the above reading today, we ask: Just why do you think someone like Neil Whitesell would have given you that green elephant if it had been a money-maker?


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