Saturday, June 21, 2014

An Update on John Clark Burns Jr.'s Criminal Status

Unfortunately, we can't offer as much detailed information on John Clark Burns Jr. as we did yesterday on Jason Dewayne Green. We do have a brief update.

Burns had been scheduled to graduate from UNA this past May, but his name was not on the final list of grads. We assume this is because of his medical condition.

The Wayne County District Attorney's office has stated that Burns has not yet had any legal hearings due to his physical condition. We know that Burns was admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital after the fatal wreck that killed his girlfriend Brittany Underwood.

The DA's office has assured a member of Brittany's family that the charges are still valid and that Burns will be held legally responsible once his personal physician releases him. The dates of legal hearings will be published in the Wayne County newspaper which is not available online.


On the "What's Public & What's Not" front, at the time of Burns' original hospitalization, one of his supporters declared it was unethical for his hospitalization to be made public and for us to publish that information here. Obviously details of anyone's physical condition should be off limits, but sorry, not their mere presence in the hospital. Why? This ensures no legal entities hold anyone in illegal conditions. In other words, Burns may belong in the Black Hole of Calcutta, but we may rest assured no one can send him there and the public not know it.

Similarly we are still receiving comments about the status of legal documents. All documents sent to us concerning a local sheriff candidate were final judgments. Not only are these public, initial lawsuits to recover a debt are public and have in the past been published in the TimesDaily and the Shoals Insider. Neither publishes them at this time. They are also regularly published in local credit reporting data.


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