Monday, June 30, 2014

Children Need a Mother...and a Father

Just some random thoughts about parents, crime, and drug addiction...

1. If a person has been arrested five times for drugs, they may have already been sent to rehab. They don't want help; they want more drugs. See Hottie Scottie.

2. many drug users are cute. What about the ones that have reached the age of 40 and are ugly in their dissipation? Do they deserve less help?

3. The user really loves her/his son/daughter? Really? How can you tell? They just love drugs more... Oh, and does Miss Irons' former boyfriend have her son now? Is that what she wanted? We somehow doubt it.

4. Why single out two (John Wesley Akin & Brady Ann Irons) for mention? Answer: Akin is labeled THE KINGPIN of heroin in Northwest Alabama and he lives with Irons. At least Akin had a good upbringing. That makes it more of a shock to some who value education as the way to a better life...not drugs.

5. Criticism from HE? Let's see, many times did this blog make excuses for you when you participated in a home invasion and went to prison? I don't imagine anyone here will make that mistake again no matter how much they care for your family and late grandfather.

6. BTW, H, if you really love that child you're about to become a father to, you just might want to marry his/her mother. If not, in 20 or so years, we'll be writing about him/her just like you and your father have been written about so often in the TD.

7. Use profanity in your comments on Facebook? You will be banned. Then no one will read what you have to say, at least on our page.


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