Friday, November 18, 2016

Jeff Sessions/Georgia Carter

Jeff Sessions has recently gotten a lot of bad publicity, some of which he deserves. His remarks on sexual assault were seemingly uncalled for; however, giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he meant the act of groping someone can’t compare to rape?

We’re linking an article on Sessions written by someone who knows him well. It contains some interesting information on his Senate rejection some years ago. Ted Kennedy even criticized Sessions’ name? Such an action should be unbelievable, but coming from a man who in all likelihood committed premeditated murder, we’re not surprised.

No, criticize Sessions, or anyone else, for his actions, not his name, be it Jeff Sessions, Wilberforce Jackanapes, or Howell Heflin who voted against Sessions’ confirmation to a federal judgeship. Speaking of Heflin, he got off pretty easy when he commented on the size of Fawn Hall's breasts, didn’t he? Is that kind of “locker room talk” that much different from what Trump has been accused of?



A few weeks ago, Florence-Lauderdale Tourism’s Georgia Carter announced she was leaving to accept a director’s post in another city. We’re sure money was a factor, but we also have to ask if working conditions played a role as well?

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