Friday, November 4, 2016

Muskrat Villa

From a very savvy reader:


What a debate in the Tuscumbia mayor and city council race on whether or not Tuscumbia can afford, or need a RV Park (aka Muskrat Villa) at the Spring Park swamp bottom!

I own a business in Tuscumbia and truly hope before Tuscumbia puts us on the hook for such a money pit, they will look at the COUNTY RV park and closely analyze the cost to the taxpayers.

The Colbert County RV Park (the old alloys park) was donated to the County, FREE. Well, almost.......

The County Commissioners approved renovations in the amount of $820,000.00 with $160,000.00 in grants to help with the renovation leaving a debt of $660,000.00 (which includes employee costs and $15,000.00 in attorney fees - that was a hefty charge for reviewing a contract and filing deeds now wasn’t it?).

RECORDS show -  past 5 years -
INCOME is over $318,000.00
EXPENSES (renovation and yearly operations) total $1,146,000.000 - yes - 1 MILLION, 1 HUNDRED FORTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS.   This leaves taxpayers with a large debt for a “free” RV park.

In the best year - 2016
EXPENSES were $67,000.00
INCOME a little over $46,000 (Economics 101 would call this careless budgeting and malfeasance.)
EXPENSES WERE $21,000.00 MORE than the income!

What county or city programs suffers to pay the ongoing shortfall for this RV Park? —  schools, roads, jail, salaries? Granted, the park in the east end of the county has generated ONE JOB for a caretaker/manager.

There is little hope of ever generating income to cover expenses, or begin to recover the renovation costs and attorney fees of $660,000.00 with yearly losses over $21,000.00 a year.

EACH YEAR this RV Park will go further and further in the RED- creating a greater debt for the taxpayers.

TUSCUMBIA - This is not what we want in our city!

Shouldn’t these hundreds of thousands of dollars be sent to the mayors for infrastructure that would encourage and generate JOBS?
We, the public, are tired of the waste and ready for a change - not a short change.
It’s time to STOP the irresponsible budgeting and wasteful spending on projects that will never grow our economy.

Surely Tuscumbia officials understand finance and budgeting a little better than this county commission. If they can’t see a LOSS of $660,000.00 to date and growing debt of $21,000.00 a year for a RV Park doesn’t pass the smell test, then they all need to be sent home on November 8th!
This ain’t Robin Williams “RV” comedy movie, this is our community’s future!

We need a hero that will step up to challenge the status quo and WORK for JOBS and SERVICES! VOTE for CHANGE that will IMPROVE our ECONOMY, STREETS, BRING  JOBS and LOWER our TAXES!!




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  1. I stopped in at the Alloys park on the way to Al Birding Trail site 4. My question is what was all that money spent on? My guess is that the pier and a few swings and walk are very expensive to build. The campground area looks like the only big item money was spent on was the bath house.

    The old Tuscumbian theater still has the stage in it. A dinner theater would be a big draw I think.