Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Replacing Jeff Sessions/Florence Tourist App

There’s no “if” in replacing Jeff Sessions; there’s only a “when.” Our Alabama senator will shortly become a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Secretary of Defense was the original guess of most pundits, but now State and Homeland Security are being bandied about.

No matter Sessions’ new position, we’ll then collect a new senator. Smart money is on Luther Strange, but nothing is ever a given. If it should be Luther Strange, Alabama will then need a new attorney general.

When Governor Bentley thinks of all this newfound power, he must be rubbing his hands together in delight like…well, just like Mr. Burns.



Are there other givens out there? There certainly are. No matter what filmmaker Michael Moore may predict, most solid political experts know there’s every likelihood that Trump will be our president for eight years. Can you say totally new U.S. Supreme Court?

Trump has hinted at some laws he will support and at some he will wish to overturn. The plain truth is that Trump will have little influence over which current laws will be contested in the court, a court that will go on long after Trump leaves office.

Insert “bumpy ride” line here…



We see that Florence now has a new app that will supposedly lure visitors to our area. First, people have to download the app. Scratch that. First they have to know that Florence exists, that the app exists, then they have to download it.

Yep. Wonder if anyone is keeping score on just how well that will work?

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