Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No Wake Up Calls for These Bad Boys?

When rehab doesn't work:

Everyone in Franklin County knows Elvis Adam Presley—the perennial bad boy that is. He even once recruited an immediate family member to bring him drugs to the Franklin County Detention Center. He has more felony arrests than his namesake had Grammys. His latest was in Florence in November for shoplifting.

Next comes Jock Bo Riley. He hasn’t limited himself to just one county, but has had felony arrests in Lauderdale, Franklin, and Marion. His record goes back at least 7 years; his most recent arrest being a parole revocation. He's currently incarcerated in the Franklin County Detention Center with a release date of February 3, 2017.

Then there’s Gerald Winston Surratt Jr. He’s had arrests in Lauderdale and Colbert Counties and was on the area’s most wanted list for over a year. His criminal career has heated up in the past few months with new arrests in December and just this month for burglary and theft. Sources say he’s still a suspect in a major crime from a few years ago.

Let’s not forget J.J. Common. You have to hand it to someone with enough chutzpah to shoot a high school football player in the middle of a game. It’s too bad chutzpah doesn’t come with common sense. J.J.’s latest conviction was a few months ago for attempting to burn down the Colbert County Jail.

No “Bad Boy List” is complete without Andrew Daniel Scott. His rap sheet goes back at least six years and his AlaCourt record is four pages long. A PNS article recently revealed that Scott was AWOL for a week last year after another stint in drug rehab. The court didn’t have to issue a warrant for his capture since he already had one outstanding for failing to show up in District traffic court on a speeding charge. Yet all he received for these infractions was 90 days total in the detention center. He’s now back in community corrections, and it’s anyone’s guess what that means. Why he wasn’t charged with escape is also anyone’s guess.

What do our bad boys have in common? Utter disregard for the law, chronic drug abuse, no father in the home during many of their formative years, and almost zero chance at any decent future. Presumably all have been through drug rehab, some more than once. Maybe the most frightening thing about these habitual offenders is that our readers tell us women support them both emotionally and financially while they’re incarcerated.

Somehow we’re reminded of Slimy Bastard….



  1. I swear here you are again posting bout andrew. And I just read another thing saying he was arrested in limestone county. Don't you know that you can be sued for slander since none of your facts a right

    1. WE think you mean libel. We have now been sent info (from community corrections employee) that Scott was arrested on Monday at 6:59 a.m. for two serious traffic violations. Let's hope he appears in court this time and doesn't blow it off like last time. BTW, since you are so familiar with Scott, did he have permission to be outside Lauderdale?County?