Sunday, January 3, 2016

Doc Scumbag?/Site News

In case you missed it, one of the Shoals’ state senators, Larry Stutts, was crowned state scumbag of the year 2015 by We read the article and our opinion is the man having sex with the family dog deserved that honor, but he beat out ol’ Larry by the thinnest of margins.


Some Site News (Yes, you gotta read it): We’ll be having a new blogger join us soon. He warns us his commentary will be pithy and not everyone’s taste. As we tell everyone, all opinions are welcome here as long as editorials don’t advocate violence or sexual perversion (rape/child sex/etc.) or contain libelous statements or vulgar language. We reserve the right to rebut any blogs, either guest editorials or those written by a member of our blogging group.

Readers’ opinions are also welcome as comments on Facebook, but the above restrictions apply there as well. Interestingly, in seven years we’ve had to ban only one person for linking/advocating a sex offender site. It’s also interesting that this person was attempting to defend a local career criminal known for trying to take a child away from its parents.

If you would like to write for us from time to time, but don’t wish to join our group, please create a screen identity for your editorials. This helps to ensure that our readers can easily understand who is espousing or presenting certain ideas or facts, as in recent blogs about the Muscle Shoals school system.


We’re frequently sent information on topics that don’t fit into our normal blogging parameters. In other words, if Pastor Joe Doe is having an affair with Deaconess Ima Ezee, we have no interest in reporting on it. While we regret the situation, it’s a private matter and also falls under the umbrella of libel.

Recently it was reported that a church refused to allow a child to bring her service animal into worship services. Churches are exempt from the ADA, and this seems to be a localized and private matter. If the church or the family should hold a news conference on the issue, this would bring the situation into the public realm, but until then it’s not anything we consider appropriate for our blog.

We also get requests to mention specific crimes in our blog. While we do mention some major felonies and on rare occasions lesser crimes committed by public personages, we don’t feel the need to mention a certain indicted individual simply because his/her family owns a large local business. In one recent case, we will probably comment once the case is tried and more facts are known. Again, we don’t comment on misdemeanors in and of themselves.

We had one question about “Prince.” Yes, our Canine-American friend will remain with the blog until the situation with the Florence Animal Shelter is resolved. Yes, obviously another blogger voices Prince’s opinions; all other bloggers are indeed individuals. Number 99 has yet to grace our site with one of his promised pithy pieces, but we understand he has been busy accepting a Nobel Peace prize, breaking the bank at Monte Carlo, and painting the guest bath in his idyllic country manse. We still eagerly await!


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