Monday, January 11, 2016

Ed Henry Strikes Again

Ed Henry, Republican state representative, doesn’t want increased background checks on gun sales which require all dealers to register. Why? It seems it’s his hobby to buy and sell at gun shows and he doesn’t want to have to go to the trouble of registering for a hobby.

Well, let’s see, Rep. Henry, if you want to sell your great-aunt Agatha’s famous funnel cakes at the next Helen Keller festival, you’ll have to buy a business permit, endure a health department inspection, and establish certain accommodations if you sell these wonderful delicacies via a food truck. Perhaps we’re missing something here, but while food poisoning is a serious condition, we’ve never heard of funnel cakes killing anyone, not even a flesh wound. No, we don’t think these new regulations will save thousands of lives. They may save three or four a year, and that’s something.

And Rep. Henry, since you’re so gung ho on assuring that Alabama citizens aren’t traumatized by abortion clinic protests, surely you realize that we citizens will feel much better knowing just who is selling guns at the civic center, fairground, wherever our fair cities hold these emporiums on a regular basis? It should also help local gun dealers who have permanent businesses, buy permits, pay taxes, etc. Just think how much this new policy will level the playing field.


We recently read an article that referred to State Auditor Jim Zeigler as “batty.” We have to wonder how the author would classify him if they had to rate him against most of our state legislators?


We’ll shortly begin endorsing candidates. Any candidates who would like to present his/her platform to the public via our blog should forward any communications to us by January 20th.

The biggies? Two circuit judgeships in Lauderdale as well as license commissioner. In Colbert, the superintendent of education is the contest to watch. The March 1st primaries will decide the victor in many of these elections. So far, no dirt has been slung; let’s hope this proves true until the November general election.



  1. I don't want to have to become a licensed firearm dealer in order to sell a 20 year old shotgun to a hunting buddy. Also, who cares if your hobby is gun shows? I fully support anything keeping the second amendment from being infringed upon. By the way, I'm not a supporter of Ed Henry or a gun show hobbyist.

    1. If you have just one gun, why not try the want-ads? Sale barn? Why take the trouble to go to a show. (We don't know if the Sale Barn allows gun sales, but you get the drift.)