Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Real Cost of Heroin in the Shoals

We regularly see women who are pulled into the underbelly of society by drugs. These women leave their families to trade their favors to drug dealers, or perhaps to anyone who can pay, in order to obtain cash to purchase drugs. Certainly politics isn’t the only institution to make strange bedfellows.

Is it only women who become embroiled with partners they would ordinarily not look twice at? No. A recent pair of drug arrests/pleas/trials proved that the degradation drugs bring can affect males as well as females.

So how is preppy, Habitat for Humanity volunteer, scholar, businessman John Wesley Akin fairing at Limestone Prison? We have no idea. We still have high hopes for Mr. Akin when he can finally shake off his prison shackles in 20 years (or perhaps less depending upon parole). Akin’s female partner in crime Brady Irons has yet to have her case adjudicated. It will be interesting to see how her sentence compares to Akin’s 20 years and her mother Candace’s 8 years.


Speaking of drugs…have you had a longer wait at a certain area McDonald’s drive-thru recently? We hear at least one window attendant was dealing drugs during his late night shift. So…it isn’t just breakfast that’s served 24 hours a day?


Remember to wrap up in this cold January weather. If the cold really bothers you, we suggest moving to Montgomery in February; we hear there’ll be non-stop hot air in our capital city for several weeks.


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