Friday, January 15, 2016

Neglect in Florence?

We’ve recently received communications concerning Veterans Park and the Blackberry Golf Course in Florence. Both are said to be in various stages of neglect. Why?

It’s been reported that the city didn’t want to invest in upkeep of Veterans Park while much of its future was in limbo over the RSA project. Blackberry Trail? Are there any muskrats around?


Any college or pro football fans out there? It hasn’t been that long ago that certain individuals highly criticized Auburn’s Cam Newton for leaving school a year early to turn pro. We all know that no one from Alabama would do that. That’s right, no “one” did; it was two.


In the “It Bears Repeating Department,” there’s a reason that friends and family of defendants aren’t allowed on juries. Such people may “think” all they want to…even juris doctors, but that doesn’t mean anyone with any common sense believes all those coming up for parole in murder cases should be given another chance at freedom.


One of Florence’s own, Marine Capt. Steven Torbert, is missing after a helicopter crash in Hawaii late Thursday night. A total of 12 individuals are missing as of last report. Prayers for all the families, please.


We're sure most of us females would have been a more than willing hostage:


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