Friday, January 8, 2016

$1,800,000.00 Doesn’t Buy What It Used To

What would you do with an extra 1.8 million dollars you just happened to have lying around? If you’re the State of Alabama, you’re refurbishing the Governor’s Mansion South in Orange Beach.

We’re sure property in Orange Beach is just a little on the high end of the scale, but surely much of the so-called value of the deserted mansion is in the land itself. In other words, if the current edifice should be torn down, just how much would the lot be worth?

We’re also pretty sure that a knowledgeable person could tear down the current home and rebuild for less than 1.8 million. Perhaps that’s not allowed in the terms of the original gift to the state. 

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So what about refurbishing? A few years ago, one of our regular critics thoroughly trounced our suggestion that jail trusties assist in at least some part of the removal of Ghost Bridge in Lauderdale County. Yet it was only a short time later that Franklin County inmates razed the entire old jail without any contracted assistance. Surely at least part of the renovations could be done by correctly classified inmates from a state work release center?

We’re sure media watchdogs in Montgomery will be keeping tabs on how much of this project is no-bid. Not that it would deter some of those in charge in our state capital. While our inept legislature attempts to frame a budget, state employees keep spending like Michael Jackson.


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  1. On the $1.8 million for renovation....I believe if I read it correctly....part of the money was to cover furniture and an entire new kitchen. My hunch is that there's probably $50,000 of the money for a leather couch/chairs, and at least $100,000 for the complete kitchen, crystal, chinaware, glasses, etc. If they were going to invite big-name foreigners to come in and talk new business in the state....I probably wouldn't mind this. The bigger issue....they'd spend all this money....get to open the newly renovated house, and four weeks later have some hurricane come through to destroy it again.