Monday, January 25, 2016

Doc Larry Knows?

Hi, everyone. Prince here. I just had to put in my two dog biscuits about a recent comment from your (hey, I’m not claiming him) state senator Larry Stutts. Some folks don’t know that before Doc Larry was making a living delivering babies that he made one taking care of fur babies. That’s right, he was a veterinarian, and I’m proud to say one of my cousins once had the opportunity to bite him. Ruff!!!

Most of you probably do know that your legislature (not claiming that either) is about to meet in Montgomery. Doc Larry has been quoted concerning his stance on additional funding for Medicaid, and do you know what he said? He said he’d never had a woman about to give birth arrive in an ambulance if she had private insurance.

I’ve got to ask if Doc Larry was taking a survey? B’Arf! Maybe something like “How far apart are your contractions and by what means of transportation did you arrive at the hospital?” If he did, wouldn’t he risk having some of them shoot back, “And how did you get here? Your broom?”

About the only thing good I’ve got to say is thank God that his current patients can do more to defend themselves than bite. But if any of you think a bite is in order, just call me. I’m available.


Yes, Prince is totally correct that our legislature is about to meet in less than two weeks. Fast times on Goat Hill. Remember, you vote and you have a say in what laws your representatives pass. Make your voice known.

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