Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rogersville Police/Lauderdale Community Corrections

Do Rogersville Police and Lauderdale County Corrections know where everyone is?

From an anonymous source in eastern Lauderdale County:

Apparently, a Rogersville police officer recently called 911 from his home in Killen, but could not be understood because of his slurred speech from allegedly drinking too much Nyquil (the recording would be available at 911). The Rogersville police chief's son went over to the officer's house in Killen and took the officer's phone from him. The officer then proceeded to get on the police radio in his patrol vehicle and talk to dispatch in an incoherent manner. Chief Terry Holden then responded to the scene. After the episode, the officer was suspended for 3 days, but allowed to use sick leave, so he could still be paid while on suspension. As citizen of Rogersville, I have heard about officers who have been let go for much less. I guess the police chief has his favorites.

From an anonymous source at Lauderdale County Corrections:

Andrew Scott was arrested yesterday morning in Limestone County. He was released on his own recognisance. No word on how serious this will be or what Judge Self will do.


Interesting. Does Chief Holden have his favorites? Comments? And how about Hottie Scottie? He's been back in community corrections for just over a week and has a new arrest(s)? And just why was he in Limestone County? Anyone else think Lauderdale Community Corrections has more than its share of problems? Comments?


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