Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bentley is What?/Gerald Surratt Jr.

A recent article on capital punishment called Gov. Robert Bentley a former physician. What? His medical college has stripped him of his diploma? No, he's simply a physician who is not currently practicing.

However, that does bring up a point that we've never seen discussed. Except for declaring a condemned man dead, physicians are barred from taking part in executions. Does that mean the act of signing a death warrant is also banned for our current governor? Interesting question, isn't it? If the answer is yes, our good governor has committed a serious ethics violation...probably not his first.


From J. Redmon:

Surratt and Presley are REPEAT customers of the Lauderdale County work release program, dating back to AT LEAST 2008. Surratt's family (one of the Hensley Property Group bunch) CONSTANTLY bailed him out of trouble. Judge Jones found a 'fat fish' with Surratt......

We've had readers ask us how Ben Graves would handle cases concerning Surratt (his second cousin) if elected. Graves is running for what is commonly called family court judge and should, if elected, not have to face this issue.


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