Wednesday, January 20, 2016

UNA Parking/Mickey D's

Someone actually paid for a study to tell UNA officials that the university needs more parking spaces? We need to tell them we’re available, for the right fee, to investigate repeated reports of two large jungle cats spotted on campus near the president’s home.


Now let’s segue from parking places to a possible local haunting, we said with tongue firmly in cheek. Some weeks ago we initiated a petition to rename Pocket Park in North Florence for deceased businessman Carmel Olive. The petition drew little interest, and we were told by more than one that much lack of interest stemmed from the fact Mr. Olive never liked the park.

Why? It seems he wanted the space used for more parking for businesses along that section of Wood Avenue. In short, he never supported or approved of the park.

Oddly enough, when Mr. Olive closed his photography studio and sold the land to McDonald’s, even more parking spaces were lost. After careful consideration, we feel that either the ghost of Mr. Olive or possibly the spirits of those who have lost their lives after running out of both food and gasoline while hopelessly driving around seeking a space to park near Crazy Caroline’s may be haunting the Seven Points Mickey D’s.

Our food blogger Cherry Pitts once enumerated some of that location’s shortcomings. We’ve personally waited for what seemed like days in the drive-thru late at night. We’ve been told of arrests, employee fights, drug dealing via the takeout window, and numerous other problems that don’t seem to plague other locations of that famous Scots eatery.

Perhaps the Seven Point McDonald’s could be added to local ghost tours this fall? It wouldn’t be the only possible addition…

Coming soon: Does she really walk her old stomping ground pulling tricks on those who came after her?


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