Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The mythical 'gun show loophole', background checks, internet sales, and FFL dealers

There IS NOT, and NEVER HAS BEEN a 'gun show loophole' .

ALL federally licensed dealers that 'set up' at gun shows ARE REQUIRED (and always have been) to run background checks on ALL firearm purchases made at the show. What HAS NOT BEEN (and STILL ISN'T) required of PRIVATE CITIZENS attending, OR 'setting up' at gun shows, in order to sell firearms from their own LEGALLY-ACQUIRED collections to OTHER PRIVATE CITIZENS, is a Federal Firearms License, or FFL. The BATFE has ruled, for DECADES, that private citizens, selling and buying firearms from OTHER private citizens, to dispose of, or add to, their private collections, DOES NOT constitute 'engaging in the business'.

Another misconception, aka 'FLAT OUT LIE' propagated by liberals, is that 'internet sales of firearms' are unregulated. Not true. ALL firearms ordered ON LINE from firearms dealers MUST be shipped directly to ANOTHER FFL. THEN, the individual that ordered the firearm is required to come in and fill out 'Form 4473' and submit to (and pass) an FBI background check BEFORE taking possession of the firearm. Individuals selling firearms on line to individuals out of state MUST ship said firearm to an FFL. Individuals buying firearms from 'private party' sites STILL MUST adhere to established federal guidelines. Such guidelines dictate that a private party may sell a long gun to another private party FACE TO FACE, as long as the buyer is LEGALLY ABLE TO POSSESS A FIREARM. Handguns sold in such a manner CAN ONLY BE SOLD to individuals meeting the previous requirement PLUS also being a LEGAL RESIDENT of the same state as the seller. Violation of ANY of those provisions constitutes a FELONY.

J. Redmon

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