Saturday, January 9, 2016

Is the TimesDaily Depressed?

We understand that several e-mail addys for the TimesDaily are returning any communication sent to them. Well, it does cut down on negative comments.

Along that line, we understand the TVT forum is still not taking new members. Just a personal opinion here, but it’s now so boring we’re not sure why anyone would want to join, but if anyone does, they should be able to. Either allow new members or take down the forum. For those who miss long time forum member Bill Gray, his commentaries occasionally show up on Pen-N-Sword.


Any property crime victims out there? Contact us with your county information and the status of your restitution. We understand that these procedures give new meaning to the expression “blood from a turnip.”


A very big correction: Sheffield Street Superintendent Bradley Bump’s wife does work for the Parks and Recreation Department, but in Tuscumbia, not Sheffield. Our apologies to Mrs. Bump. We understand that Mrs. Bump does not know the new secretary in the Sheffield Street Department, has never worked with her, and is not friends with her. In other words, there was no cronyism at work in the new hire for Sheffield.


L. Stone has a suggestion for Florence’s new music sculpture: If they put the statue in Florence next to the tourism office will they select a Canadian artist to be memorialized?

He also has an inspired idea for the new tourism office jingle:


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