Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Bargain?/Endorsements

We don't usually comment on local businesses, but a faithful reader has sent us a very interesting comment on a local catalogue return business. This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of any or all bloggers here:

Have you noticed how Bargain Hunt in Florence has become the NoN Bargain Hunt.? When it first open you could get great bargains there but since they got a new manager a while back it has changed. Most all merchandise has a sticker that indicates that they received a truck early which equals no discount.! I have intentionally marked some boxes of the merchandise just to see what would happen. I would go in the store every week to "check" for my marked merchandise. Of course some would be gone and some would still be there. Then one day when I went in to check to see if it was still there I noticed that a couple of the boxes that I had marked had a new sticker on it with a new date which very strangely indicated that it had came in on another "early truck". This merchandise had been there almost an entire month so the discount would have been good but No they changed it so that no one is getting a discount that one would expect from a returned item setting for almost a month in a discount store. I guess the new manager must think people are stupid and do not notice these things. It won't be long before they go out of business from lack of business.


We have not yet endorsed any candidate in upcoming elections. We appreciate all platforms sent to us and will endeavor to have them posted as soon as possible.

However, one of our regular bloggers has sent us an endorsement, and we feel it worth publishing now:

I have been involved in education for almost 30 years.  Along the way I have managed to learn what is important and what isn't with regards to administrators.  I have never met Dr. Satchel, but if how she has raised her family is any indication of what residents of Colbert County can expect of her, I have ZERO reservations in endorsing her for Superintendent.

J. Redmon


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  1. what the what ? if he never met her how do he know how she raised her family, its sad how peoples play dirty politics

  2. Got a new NordicTrak treadmill that would have cost me $1000 at any other store, for $250.00. I believe that to be a bargain. Whether it was a hunt or not, can be argued.

  3. I have noticed the exact same thing. There have been a couple of items that I was interested in that had been there for a very long time. I would look and the date would be just a day or two away from 80% discount so I would press my luck and come back two days later. The exact same item would be sitting there with a tag saying that it had not even arrived yet and was full price. Surely this constitutes a scam or something. Would the Better Business Bureau care?

  4. I see this all the time in that store. I think it should be considered a bait and switch scam. They are promoting that an item will be available at a specific discount if that item is still available. Then they are in effect changing the discount on the item by simply relabeling it. It is the same item just a new label.