Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Invest in What, Eh?/Robert C. Fuller

It seems that Rob Adolph Carnegie, that veritable avatar of tourism in Northwest Alabama, is seeking investors in his branding project. Investors to pay for advertising? We have no idea what these investors are to receive for their money.

Will branding become a reality? Robbie baby is setting up a committee or focus group or coven or something to look into it further. Is everyone clear on that? If you are, please elucidate us.


A reader has sent us some information on the gentleman who jumped to his death from Bibb-Graves Hall in the 1960s. He was not a professor, but the college's business manager/treasurer. His name was Robert C. Fuller and he lived near what is now UNA with his wife, an Appleby Junior High science teacher. Apparently his suicide was totally unexpected and rocked what was then Florence State College.

We don't have a date for his death, but we will publish more on his tragic leap from the tower if it becomes available. We understand Fuller was childless and has no living descendants.


We recently mentioned a new blogger. He will be arriving soon; his screen name is Jasper Black, and we think you'll enjoy his work.


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