Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tonya Lynn Irwin Says Her Babies Were "Kidnapped"

Tonya Lynn Irwin styles herself online as the mother of three young children. She also presents herself, along with "their daddy" as being the victims of Lauderdale County DHR. Calling herself "LonelyMom333," she was begging for online info about her brood last December.

Feel sorry for her? Not at this point. The DHR has mucho problems, but somehow we feel Franklin County and Lauderdale DHR have done their research on this one. Somehow the Ayers couple comes to mind.

We worry about the three children being separated. Are they or are they housed together in Morgan County? No winners here.


A reader has asked us if the Hibbett/Homan divorce papers have been sealed. Have they? Our reader says a petition for divorce filed by Ira Kneeland Hibbett Jr. was thrown out of Lauderdale courts last May.

The TD published some revealing info from a petition filed by Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Homan-Hibbett. If this caused the clerk to have her petition sealed, the TD needs to file one of its ubiquitous requests for public information.



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