Monday, October 12, 2015

Who Gains if Industrial Park is New Shelter Site?

I need a home!
Because so many have asked...

1. Florence has stated it wants around 20 acres of land for the new animal shelter..

2. The "Musgrove" Industrial site is on sale at the reduced price of 14.5K an acre. This would come out to be 290K.

3. Assuming a realtor commission (there might not be one) and other closing costs, what would the net be? Some realtors cap their commission for public entities at 5K--we have no idea about locals. So we could guestimate 284,000.00 as the maximum the estate would receive.

4. For eight heirs, each would receive 35,500.00. Not chump change is it, at least to most of us?

We await who wins and loses in this deal. Meanwhile, the animals suffer. Yes, Mr. Bankston, we're one of those eccentrics!


Just how badly does the Fairground Road site flood? Our ball parks, small pool, farmers' market stalls, etc., don't seem to be suffering any lingering effects from flooding. Comments?



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