Friday, October 16, 2015

Ghost Highway 43

Miss Him Now?
No one here did a thorough search, but it's easy to find references to the widening of Hwy. 43 from Killen to the Tennessee state line dating back to 1995. In fact, the project has had more face lifts than the late Joan Rivers. Shoals residents were once promised the road would be completely open at the same time the Tennessee stretch was...around 2002.

Delays are a part of life. The delays in this project can be attributed to Montgomery pulling the project in favor of other areas of the state. If Rep. Phillip Pettus really wanted to help this area, the funding of the completion of this widening project would have been his first priority when he reached Goat (DoNothing) Hill.

Shoals citizens can complain all they want about a lack of Interstate spur; we can't even get a U.S. highway completed. Where's the outrage?


That bill that Lynn Greer supposedly had ready to abolish, or at least reform the state's Certificate of Need law? Must be another ghost. Perhaps it will materialize briefly during his next campaign?




  1. Ghost Highway 43? Really a week article. 43 is now moved to the top of the DOT's plan after only a few months in office. It was moved back 3 years ago to 2028 after the previous delegation was in office. Now it is already being surveyed and utilities being moved back.

    1. After who's been in office only a few months? Please explain. No matter, it's still 15 years behind.

  2. If it is 15 years behind then blame Denton and Irons and Curtis or Burdine even, but it is a little early to be blaming Pettus. Not saying he is doing a good or bad job but only it is awful early to be saying we are missing someone else.