Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So Angel is Pleading Insanity/Non-Compos Mentis/Looney Tunes?

Remember Angel Gieske? She pretended to be some sort of counseling guru, had a foundation that accepted donations, took money from Alabama DHR under false pretenses, and made life a general hell for many families (at least the side that wasn't paying her)? Her trial for theft in Walker County appears to be ongoing, and her day in court in Lauderdale is quite a ways down the road:

Now we assume Angel has no personal funds at this point, but we would love to see some local attorney file a class action lawsuit against her for all the harm she's caused.

"I'm Really an Angel!"


Sources at the Lauderdale County Courthouse say the drug trafficking trials for Wes Akin and Brady Irons did not begin this week as scheduled. They had no further information. Perhaps they decided to accept a plea after all?



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  1. I think Angel Gieske has proven that anyone can be anything in the state of Alabama....even pretend to be a Republican-values governor....and people just generally accept it. There's a great movie script here if you ask me.