Saturday, October 10, 2015

Moving Oka Kapassa Festival to Florence?

Several connected loosely with the Oka Kapassa Festival, held for the past 15 years in Tuscumbia, have reported there are plans afoot to move the festival to Florence due to the condition of Spring Park. We have no inside information on this and welcome any informed comments.

Apparently, the fountains, light shows, and some of the railway are no longer working...again. Muskrats? What kind of teeth do these little critters have that eat through rail track and restroom doors?


We've also been asked about the missing park funds from two or so years ago. We have no update and welcome comments from the informed public.


Release of the "Weems Three?"

An update on the release dates of three arrested and convicted in the death of Amanda Taylor:

* Matthew Fox will exit the Decatur Work Release Center on October 21st.

* Laurel Pruett will exit her community service center in Birmingham on November 17th, due to some lost Correctional Incentive time.

*Ashley Greenhill will exit the Birmingham Lovelady Center (a rehab facility not directly connected with the state) on November 20th. She was arrested approximately one month after Fox and Pruett.



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  1. As far as the missing park money goes ... The Mayor didn't like "who" the guilt was pointing to in the police investigation, so he ordered the investigation to stop and be forgotten. And that's one of many reasons why we need a NEW Mayor and a NEW Park Director. It's time to clean house!