Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Will You Vote for Florence? Tell Us True....

Some time ago, there was a contest to name the best fishing site; Rogersville was a finalist. It was a people's choice type contest, and one could vote once each day. There was even a substantial cash prize for the winner. Did Rogersville win? What do you think? A town from a much smaller area won, as we recall.

Now you have a chance to vote for Florence as the greatest town in the US. Okay, there may be some better, but we don't live there, do we? There are five finalists, so Florence has a chance. Will you vote?


We're glad our fellow blogger L. Stone has some Facebook savvy. If you're not getting our blogs in your news feed, here's the best way to correct that:

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Hey, we see new construction at the old Poplar South building and the former ComCast building! We're hearing some great things about the latter, but haven't gotten the complete info. We'll post here as soon as we have the okay. So, who knows what's going in the old eatery on South Poplar?



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