Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gimme That Ol’ Time Satanic Trick or Treating

So a representative from a local church doesn’t think trick-or- treating usually causes a child to turn to Satanism…but you can’t be too careful. Hmmm, could our next door neighbors be Satanists? They do cut back their crepe myrtles each year, not a good sign.

Trick-or-treating is probably a tradition that is better left behind, but not because of any Satanic influence it might have. We read of minor injuries almost every holiday. Still, if a family wants to take their children out amongst their neighbors once a year, that’s not our call to make.

Our take is why a representative from this church worries about such an unlikely event, when half their congregation doesn’t have a father in the home. Shouldn’t they be spending their time and dollars on some sociological/spiritual training  concerning the importance of family, rather than on such fustian?

Why comment; it’s their church? We comment because they brought the issue to the public, not us.


Years ago there was a popular urban myth that the Proctor and Gamble Company was controlled by Satanists because of its moon and 13 stars logo. The trademarked symbol dates from the 18th Century and represents the 13 colonies/states. When we once explained that to a co-worker who was upset about P&G’s turn to the dark side, she replied, “Well, it did use to mean that, but it means Satanism now.” Really?

So based on that, we don’t like Cheerios, and Cheerios are round, and round symbolizes eternity, and hell is eternal, that must mean Cheerios are Satanic. Don’t buy them, folks. Shoalanda said so. (Donuts? We love them. They obviously symbolize Heaven. Go for it.)

Tomorrow: A word about fathers in the home.



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