Monday, October 26, 2015

A Reader Visits the Lauderdale County Courthouse...

Lauderdale County's Second Courthouse

Guest blog:

After your article about Missy Hibbett, Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk, and her office staff, I wanted to check it out myself. I am a republican and would have been voting for Missy Hibbett after her switch from being a democrat because I thought she was sincere and probably doing a good job since the Republican Executive Committee allowed her to switch. After seeing the letter on your website, I was a little taken back. A close family member and I had the discussion about the validity of the letter and he insisted that I not be judgmental, so I personally did my own homework.

When I visited the Lauderdale County Courthouse, I made it a point to begin on the first floor to observe the office staff and ask if our elected officials were at work. I was surprised to see Danny Hendrix at work as soon as the courthouse opened the day I was there. Mr. Motlow, Probate Judge, was coming into the building as I was. I sat quietly and observed the staff and their conduct for a little while before going upstairs.

I made my way through each floor and spoke with most elected officials. It took me a couple of hours to get to the offices on the 4th floor. By the time I got to Missy Hibbett's office, it was later in the morning and thought I would find her at work and prove your article as false. When I asked to speak with Ms. Hibbett, I was told she wasn't in today. She might be in late this afternoon. The lady I spoke to behind the counter came from the back, as there was no one at the window. The attire, or lack of attire was alarming to say the least. I could hear laughing and loud inappropriate language from the area the young lady came from.

I have to admit, I was wrong in assuming the Lauderdale County Republican Executive Committee did there homework and made a good choice in letting her switch parties. With the qualifying of candidates for the 2016 elections, I wonder how many more of these kind of people are going to be crossing over to the Republican party. I challenge all voting citizens of Lauderdale County to observe your Clerk's office, as well as all of them, and see who is really on the job, who they are employing, and if professional attire and conduct is expected and required by our public servants. If you don't have time to visit the courthouse, make a phone call and ask to speak with your elected officials. If you don't take the time to verify the information, then you should listen to those of us who do.

Lauderdale County Voter




  1. Not so long ago, I spent some long days at the Lauderdale County Courthouse doing jury duty things. Each day, I had some interactions with Ms. Hibbitt. She was professional in carrying out her duties and dressed appropriately, as well.

    The writer says that Ms. Hibbitt wasn't in the office, yet he/she made the decision that the Lauderdale County Republican Executive Committee was remiss in the decision to allow her to switch parties, based on the behavior of people not even in her presence.

    The writer then suggests we should listen to this diatribe without the benefit of his/her personal interaction with Ms. Hibbitt!

    I say this with as much respect as I can: I find this anonymous author irresponsible in his/her words, and question whether this is just a piece of fiction designed for the character assassination of Ms. Hibbitt.

  2. Man, you leave us in suspense....."the attire or lack of attire"....are we talking a tube-top, mini-skirt, open blouse, or one of them satin-like semi-transparent blouses that you see over in Atlanta? It's difficult for us older guys to fantasize or such.....without a better description. And you just left us there....wondering.