Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Court House Etiquette?/Her Friend's Bad Choice

First a reader has shared this with us:

Did you know that part time employees of Lauderdale county are not included in the recent pay raise or cost of living raise the county commission passed in the budget? Nor were they included in last years raises , No benefits, no holidays are expected but really wouldn't you think a part time employee would get a raise ??? who would need it the most??? According to the commissioners they Never give raises to these employees . Just think if you work there 5 yrs or more, hoping you might get a full time job some day there only to be told you will never get a raise . Cost of Living goes up just as well for these employees who do vital work the same as full time employees , Great way to make a person feel unappreciated .


Problems in certain court house offices? We have not had any experience in the court house itself in recent years. We invite all comments on what may or may not be wrong there. We can comment on one problem we've seen in the Florence-Lauderdale Government Building and at many other businesses too numerous to mention.

It's summer; you wear thong sandals, do you not? Well, you shouldn't. Not all offices, etc., are governed by OSHA. When that filing cabinet or whatever turns over on your foot, see if the company's workman's compensation policy will pay your bill then. 

Oh, you say, but teeheehee, they're so cute, and how often does an accident like that happen? More often than you think.

Workers in restaurant and medical settings? Are you wearing acrylic nails? Perhaps, even if your supervisor gives you a pass on this, you should read up on what you can transmit to patrons/patients/whomever you come in contact with. You also might want to read of the increased likelihood for your own infection while wearing these "cute little things."


A few months ago, a young woman contacted us via FB that she was very concerned for her friend. The friend's boyfriend was in prison, but he wouldn't take her pictures off his FB or change his relationship status. At the time we wondered why the friend was writing and not the young woman who had "seen the light." Could it be that the friend was trying to be a good influence, but the young woman in question didn't want to be saved?

We didn't bother to look farther into the situation at that time. We have now. No, my young reader, your friend doesn't want to do any better, because of course she can save him. You might ask her how that's been working out, but we sadly predict she'll place him before you. Just be there when she realizes what he is and probably always will be.



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