Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office Budget

I'm sure you're aware of Sheriff Singleton's 'budget battle' with the Lauderdale County Commission. Would you be surprised to learn that PART of the 'problem' stems from former Lauderdale County Sheriff, Ronnie Willis, being too lazy, or inept (you call it), to submit a NEW budget each fiscal year? Instead, he would submit THE SAME budget several years in a row, with absolutely ZERO increases for proposed vehicle purchases/maintenance, equipment, training, etc.. The County Commission DOESN'T KNOW what a REAL budget for a REAL Sheriff's Department is supposed to look like.....until now.

J. Redmon


Congrats to Dr. Thomas J. Calhoun, new president of Chicago State University. No more will he have to contend with dubious sexual assault reporting, drunken & thuggish football players, and Chinese Communists...we hope. We do have to ask if such relief is worth braving a Chicago winter?



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