Friday, October 30, 2015

Rob Carnegie to Remove Cameras from Tourism Board Meetings!

Rob Carnegie singing "I'm Just an Ol' Chunk of Coal, but I'm Gonna Be a Nazi Someday!"

Remember that Lyle Lovett song: She's hot to go, she's ready. Well all Lauderdale County citizens should be pretty hot right about now and ready to write some letters.

Our new Canadian Tourism Director has decreed there will be no more taping of board meetings. No matter he's not on the board, eh? Rob does know what country he's in now, doesn't he? We can't tell...

A reader just told us that no one should publish any pubic information about incarcerated criminals that the taxpayers support (more on that later), now we're told the taxpaying public has no right to see a video of tourism board meetings. Can they still attend in person? We're betting Carnegie will seek to limit that too. Nor will any tourist department employees be allowed to attend with the exception of Alison Stanfield.

So if anyone asks if you if you think Adolph Hitler escaped NAZI Germany in 1945, be sure to reply yes, he changed his name to Rob Carnegie and is now living in Florence, Alabama, and taxpayers are giving him 120K a year to tell them they're too idiotic to do anything about it.

(Our apologies to Billy Joe for even associating his song with the name "Rob Carnegie.")


Rob's Halloween Costume



  1. Sue his a**. This is going to be a real circus. The first time he is caught furthering his music career on company time paid for by citizens, fire him and demand repayment.

    1. We'll be encouraging tourism employees to send us anonymous updates on any misspent money, time, etc.