Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Good Father? What Would it Take?

In the past, we’ve published articles about the problems associated with children brought up in a home without a father. Some have been sent to us by our friend Mark Davis, and some have been sent by groups seeking to restore some sort of stability to today’s homes. We’ve added our own thoughts from time to time, and this time we’re going to get a little specific.

A friend who used to blog with us once said you can’t always blame a parent for the way a child turns out. We’re sure that’s true, but when you compare those who somehow became lost on life’s highway to children raised in a fatherless home, you have quite an overlap. So we want to address a certain father.

Your marriage must have been pretty bad for you to have left your wife and children and moved hundreds of miles away. It’s a pretty good guess that you didn’t get to enjoy those twice monthly weekends with your brood. Or was that the problem? You just didn’t want to be a father anymore?

Not everyone has children, but everyone has parents of some ilk. How about them? They’re in their 10th decade of life now; they must really love to get your phone calls. They just don’t get to see you anymore than your children do.

So what can you expect from your children when, and if, you make it to your 90s? We have a psychic prediction for you (our ability must be due to all that trick-or-treating we did as a child). Any of your children in prison when you’re taking your last breath definitely won’t be there for you.

It’s really too late to be a good father. What would it take to make you a good son and a good grandfather? We’re not going to hold our breath.



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