Friday, October 2, 2015

Coach Becky Wingo Should Exit with Anthony Olivis

From a reader: 

Is it just something in the water lately that is causing such time-consuming and crazy law-suits? Does anyone really believe that not having your picture in a yearbook is so important? Are future employers going to say: WE CAN'T HIRE HIM OR BECAUSE THEY AREN'T IN A PICTURE? Another thing; I understand from the article is that girls in question were not a part of 2015 team! Maybe they think some athletic human resources officer is going to notice this? More likely this "MAMA" wanting the money and seeing a chance to get it. Can you imagine that?

First, our opinion of the lawsuit against Colbert County Coach Becky Wingo: Really? Life is full of such people as Witchygo; it's much better to bite one's tongue and suck it up until she's no longer a
player in one's life.

Apparently one of three girls who were cut from the softball team did just that. Two decided to sue. That is their prerogative. We assume the family of the one who is not a party to the suit had some common sense.

That being said, why is an adult role-model behaving in such a fashion? Witchygo's way or the highway?

We suggest everyone who has had problems with ol' Witchygo memorialize them in some journal form to later present the board when they will no be in danger of the witch's vindictive actions.

Who is Becky Wingo? From the school's website:

Hello! I am Becky Wingo and I am 31 years old. I have been teaching for 7 years. I spent 1 year at Cherokee Middle School before I moved to Colbert County High School. I teach girls physical education and also coach volleyball, jr. high basketball, and softball. Although was born at Helen Keller Hospital, I lived in Iuka, MS for 11 years. When I was 12 we moved to Tuscumbia, AL and that is where I have been ever since.

I attended Northside Middle School, now Deshler Middle School and I went to high school at Deshler. While at Deshler, I was a member of the marching band for 4 years. In the band I played the trumpet, which I really enjoyed. I also was the point guard on the basketball team, short-stop on the softball team, and was a defensive specialist on the volleyball team.

We see Witchygo also teaches P.E. Great...we're sure these two girls are in for some real fun this year.



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