Friday, October 9, 2015

TimesDaily Gets It Right...Imps Skating

The TimesDaily actually had the correct take on the closure of some underused Driver License offices. Whoda thunk it?

Now, who locally still wants Hillary Clinton for the next president?


Comments about closing at Costellium? All comments are welcome, as are rebuttals. We have no opinion, or even any inside info about the situation. We long ago gave up on all readers actually having the ability to distinguish our comments from those sent to us.


Some interesting comments we've received over the years:

* My boyfriend is totally innocent. It was his ex's four year old daughter who seduced him.

* Yes, my friend did sell some tainted heroin that killed a few people, but he/she has been clean for six months now, so the DA should drop all charges.

* We don't need a new animal shelter. My cat Prissy has had 16 litters over the past seven years, and I've found homes for all of them.

* I don't condone the fact my son is a rapist, drug user, thief, but he's so sensitive to what people say about him. It has to be illegal to publish any mention of his various crimes.

Our 7th anniversary is coming up. We'll publish some more of these bon mots in the next few weeks.



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