Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Racism/Confidentiality/Sex Abuse

So Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson and who knows who else are upset that the State of Alabama is closing some of its underused Driver License offices? It doesn't matter that anyone needing a picture ID to vote (or for anything else) can get one free at the county courthouse. Why muddle a good rant with facts?

When Shoalanda was in college about 90 years ago, one professor who hailed from the wilds of the great prairie states would often regale students with how far one had to travel to reach the county seat in her home state. This prof also fervently lobbied for Alabama and other fairly populous states to combine counties in order to save money. The rationale being that 30 miles to the courthouse might be a lot in a wagon, but 50 or 60 miles in a motorized vehicle was a mere Sunday drive.

We think she failed to take into consideration the level of laziness of modern man; just imagine how that need for immediate gratification has grown with the advent of the Internet. We want it now, but of course we don't want to pay for it.


So the Secret Service uses national security data for its own amusement? So do some local police we hear. How about local employers? Send us any horror stories you may have.


Oliver Brazelle has begun a two-year prison sentence. Is is enough? A reader just sent us some interesting thoughts on judging. We all judge or attempt to. We aren't privy to Brazelle's health status, but we imagine he will be sent to the Hamilton facility for the aged and infirm. We usually read what a “piece of cake” that is. Really?

We're of mixed feelings about Brazelle, but our sympathies lie with his victims. They have a lifetime sentence to deal with what he did to them.



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