Sunday, October 4, 2015

What You May Not Know About Community Corrections

Think community corrections is all about a work release center where these incarcerated men (there's no women's center) return each night? Think again.

From their website:

Community corrections may be imposed as part of a sanction, including,but not limited to confinement, work release, day reporting, home detention, restitution programs, community service, education and intervention programs, and substance abuse programs.

We certainly understand that with Alabama prisons in their current state, community corrections is the way to go for many non-violent offenders. What we didn't realize is than many sentenced to as much as nine years in prison may be turned loose with only an ankle monitor and a weekly visit to what amounts to a probation officer.

An anonymous source with the local corrections program contacted us last week concerning Andrew Daniel Scott, currently serving a nine-year sentence for multiple property crimes. In May, Scott failed a drug test (oxycodone) and was allowed to go to what was at least his third drug rehab program. His previous six-month program was in-house and paid for by the taxpayers—you and me. Who paid for his stint at Mission of Mercy we have no idea.
After the four-month program, Scott was then called back to court in September on his current four charges, and his attorney then argued he should be released with only an ankle monitor. Judge Gil Self refused this highly dubious request, and Scott is now residing in the community corrections facility associated with the county detention center.

The moral? When you look up an inmate on the state department of corrections site, don't automatically assume that “community corrections” means this inmate is under lock and key at least part of the day. If you're a victim, make a point to find out exactly where the miscreant is. In some cases, your safety and well-being could be at stake.



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  1. I wonder what other similar situations go on daily? Thank you for taking the time to share this information; my eyes are certainly opened.