Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Interview with Prince/Unprotected Sex

Today we're bringing back our friend Prince to bring us up to date on the new Florence Animal Shelter:

SS: So have have things been, Prince?

P: Ruff!

SS: Sorry to hear that. What's new on the proposed modern animal shelter Florence has promised to bring its citizens.

P: It seems James Bankston is at it again. He thinks animal lovers are “eccentric.” Well, I think he's delusional.

SS: What seems to be Mr. Bankston's problem with the shelter now?

P: He's calling it a Taj Mahal. I personally think that's racist. What's wrong with Indian architecture? Arf!

SS: Good point, Prince. Do you have any idea what his problem is?

P: He's either looking for his 15 minutes of infamy or he's a shill for property owners who hope to sell another parcel of land to the city for the new shelter. Grrrr. Dog Pound? Really! Grrrr.

SS: Thanks for sharing with us today, Prince. We must say that you're exceptionally well spoken for a Canine-American.

P: Yep. I went to Texas A&M!*

* Stolen from Butch Hancock

What Having Unprotected Sex Says About You

1. You have no respect for yourself.
2. You have no respect for your partner.
3. You have no respect or love for any children you might produce from this act.
4. You are perfectly content to let the state support your child/children.

Number Four especially applies to any single man would father a child while under indictment for a crime that could send him to prison for at least five years and perhaps as much as 15 depending on his behavior.



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