Sunday, October 5, 2014

Muscle Shoals: Misplaced Priorities?

From a reader:
I don't know if the school system is actually spending 8 million dollars on the football program and stadium expansion or not. However, whether the figure is $8 million or $5 million, or even $2 million, a few questions present themselves. If the school system has that kind of money, to spend on a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL program, why do the children bring home 3 to 4 fund raisers every year??? If the city council has hundreds of thousands of dollars to give away every year, wouldn't they be better spent on EDUCATING the children? If the football program did, in fact, bring in $325,000 by itself last year, then it should clearly be self-sufficient. So, why then are athletes IN EVERY SPORT at MSHS required to pay a fee that goes to the football program (whether the student plays football or not)?

I love football as much as anyone. But when the school places fundraising for the classroom in the hands of the students, while spending millions of dollars for artificial turf and indoor practice facilities, it is painfully obvious that the priorities of those in power in the Muscle Shoals City School System are misplaced.


A recent comment on a guest blog suggested the writer needed to curb his anger. We believe the Bible teaches that one can be angry and sin not. We also believe it teaches civic responsibility. If one believes the Muscle Shoals municipal government is neglecting a very needy segment of its population, should we not point it out?

Problems overlooked do not get better by themselves. They get worse.


Shoalanda & Concerned Citizens

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