Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Ex-Wives Club/We're Six!

Most people understand that ex-spouses don't have kind words for their former partners. That's why anyone should take comments from them with at least some wariness. Ex-wives have come into play here since we have a candidate for Lauderdale Sheriff running on the "family values" platform--a man who admits to four marriages and who had a recorded number of five marriages on some legal documents. Yes, we have copies of e-mails where Augie disparages his former wives...either fairly or unfairly, but we do think most honorable men would not accuse someone they once loved enough to marry of the "crimes" he has listed.

Be that as it may, we also have a candidate in Colbert County who has been married four times. This candidate has not run on any trumped up family values platform. No story there...or is there?

Maybe his opponent thought there might be and decided to call an ex-wife unsolicited? Wonder if he got cussed out?


A supporter of Hendershot has asked about the bloggers here. First, we're not running for office or claiming things that are not true, but we'll answer anyway. Of the five of us, only one has been married more than once--he's been married twice. That's his business; we don't believe he took his divorce lightly.


YES! We're six years old as of yesterday. Thanks to all our readers for your support, both in the past and the future. Never hesitate to contact us.


Shoalanda, J. Redmond, D.K., Cherry, & Bailey


  1. Also, no, you are not running for public office, but you are chastising those who have multiple marriages and are running. Is that not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    1. Again, Stacy, we're not criticizing Hendershot for five marriages. We're criticizing him for being married five times and running on "family values." If you read our reply yesterday to one of your comments, you know that of the five of us here, only one has more than one marriage--he has two--and he's not running for anything using the platform of "family values."